Juniper: 6VPE Centralized Internet Access

I recently worked on a pilot project which aim is to provide IPv6-only global connectivity to a open wireless network. The network is mostly made of IEEE 802.11n base stations routing traffic from various mobile devices (e,g. laptops, smartphones) to outside services on the Internet. I had to address three challenges; the first being the lack of proper IPv6 support on some platforms, in particular on 'old' Android 4.x devices. The second challenge was to forward and transport the native IPv6 traffic from the clients, through the base stations and up to the nearest service provider's exit point. To address the latter I decided to leverage 6VPE on the MPLS backbone; the latter being composed of multi-vendors equipments from Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks. The label distribution protocol chosen is LDP for it's simplicity of operation and troubleshooting. Finally, and this is the topic of this article, I had to provide Internet Services to the wireless VPN instances so mobile clients can browse the web in a transparent and efficient manner, despite their physical locations and the base station they're associated with.

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