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A few months ago, I had that crazy idea to write a book about IP Multicast. It's a technology I always found very attractive, but unfortunately quite overlooked by most network professionals. There is already lot of great literature on the subject, so I wanted to bring something new; treating the subject in both a vendor neutral and network-layer independent way. In addition to the consequent theoretical aspect of multicast, I wanted to share my practical experience by covering tools and troubleshooting procedures.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I will let you judge, I've no more spare time to continue the writing of this book. Recent updates in my professional career plan have shorten my spare time considerably; enough to ask myself if it's not more profitable to release the content I already wrote for free, so anyone can benefit of it.

I will keep the content structured, so I will first publish the introductory part about IP multicast in a single article, followed by the part about multicast addressing, the troubleshooting chapter(s), and finally, if the time permits, I will publish a few case-studies. My contribution will also depend on the number of readers' feedback I will get. Note that I can also include your contribution to the article, therefore if you want to share some, don't hesitate to contact me.

IP multicast is still a frequently changing technology, so I may update the forthcoming articles when important or major changes (such as new address block allocations) are worth mentioning. In the meantime, stay tuned, the first article is only a few days away.

About the author Nicolas Chabbey

Nicolas Chabbey is a Network Engineer certified with Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks. He has begun his career in 2003, and has designed, implemented and maintained networks for enterprises and service providers. When he is not behind a computer, he is riding his mountain bike across the Swiss alps.

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