Vendor-specific Training

Vendor-specific Training

There is no copy and past.

Every network vendor is different, therefore specific training is a must-have in order to provide professional network designs and valuable advices.

Small Office / Home Office

Small Office / Home Office

Small does not mean less.

You are working remotely from your small office? A cost-effective and reliable network is key to your productivity and your reputation.

Multi-vendor Lab

Multi-vendor Lab

Directly applicable on the field.

Whenever possible, network design scenarios and software configurations are validated and tested in a multi-vendor lab comprising of legacy and bleeding-edge technologies.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Keep your eyes open.

Your system and network infrastructure can be securely monitored from various locations across the globe, so to efficiently detect availability and reliability issues.

If you need a second opinion, if you need help in the design or in the implementation of a new network or technology, don't hesitate anymore, I can assist you and your company in reaching your goals and in untangling complex problems.

The consulting service is a fast and cost-effective way of getting field-ready, practical advices on networking technologies, network design and troubleshoting. I offer both vendor-neutral and vendor-specifics guidance according to the customer wishes and to his needs.

Hardware Validation
Whenever possible, equipments configurations are validated in a lab envionment with hardware similar or close to what will be used in your production environment.
We discuss your mission goals and requirements using a multi-platform conferencing system. All content will be transmitted electronically through a secure channel.
The pricing is clear and transparent. You pay a fixed, flat-rate per hour, all tax included. All consulting sessions comes with detailed invoicing.
Content Format
The content is provided in a clear and consistent manner, in portable standardized file formats such as Portable Document Format (pdf) and HTML5.

Any questions? Feel free to write at or call +41 (0)27 508 5108.

Whether you are looking for advice on existing technologies or on new and emerging networking standards, you will get up-to-date information and details according to the current industry's best practices.

Please see below for a list of networking topics I provide consulting service for:

  • Enterprise Local Area Network (LAN) Design
  • Enterprise Wide Area Network (WAN) Design
  • Service Provider MPLS Backbone Design
  • Service Provider MPLS Applications
  • Service Provider IP Core Routing
  • Service Provider IP Edge Routing
  • Data Center Fabric Architecture Design
  • Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures
  • IPv6 Deployment and Migration Techniques

Along with the advices I regularly provide, I do own two racks of system and networking hardware, ranging from entry-level to mid-range routers and switches from Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Brocade Communications Systems and F5 Networks.

Most networking gears can be inter-connected with media interfaces such as Ethernet, Frame Relay, ATM, SONET/SDH and Infiniband, at speeds from 10 Megabit/s to 40 Gigabit/s.

Application stacks, virtual appliances, and networking products, can be virtualized and tested in this ecosystem along with bare-metal servers from IBM and Supermicro.

Nicolas Chabbey has been designing, implementing and troubleshoting large-scale enterprise and service provider networks since more than a decade. He is the owner of several vendor certifications, the author of the netflask blog and he is also the co-founder of an innovative hybrid cloud hosting company.

When not on a mountain bike, he spend most of his free time at studying, learning and improving his networking and system engineering skills.

What is included?
  • 30 minutes of content preparation
  • 60 minutes of remote conferencing
  • Access to the conference recordings and consulting materials
  • Case follow-up, up to 30 days.
How much does it cost?
179.00 USD (tax included)
Online Purchase
Available Soon
  • If you need a quick and short-term consulting service, you can buy the service with your credit card.

  • For a longer consulting commitment, please email me with a brief description of your goals, needs and of your issues, if any. Once agreed on the scope and the terms of the engagement, we will schedule a physical or remote meeting as appropriate.